Basic Voice Services

Basic telephone service allows you to call any local number, both on and off campus.  Long distance capability can be added at no extra monthly cost, but individual calls will be billed at the current rates).

Communication Rates for Voice & Data

Monthly Data and Voice communication rates are based on Average Salary FTE.  The FTE count is based on regular faculty, staff and grad assistant positions.

Third Party Rates:

Voice Lines (Digital /Analog/Student HS) $19.00/mo.
Network/Data $23.00/mo.

 Cisco Models:

CP 3905     $ 0.00/mo.
CP 7861     $ 3.90/mo.
CP 8841      $ 4.70/mo.
CP 8945     $ 6.40/mo.

Labor and Installation fees:

Programming*$ 71.00/hr.
(Includes ADN/MDN/NON-DID/Hunt Pilot Groups)
Technician** NOTE: 1/2-hour minimum applies$ 71.00/hr.Materials@ CostAdministrative NTF (No Trouble Found)*No ChargeLost & Damaged Equipment (user)Cost of replacement & laborEstimates*No Charge