Voice Mail

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Standard Message Service (VM)
Voice mail service allows you to retrieve messages left on your desk phone with a security access code.  A message waiting presentation light will flash on your desk phone to let you know a new message has arrived.  Listen to your messages any time, on or off campus, with enhanced sound quality for clarity and ease.  Use the voice mail service system to manage your messages.

OCC – 1/2 Labor Voice $35.50

Voice Mail with Accept and Relay
Sends a duplicate copy of your voice mail messages to your email via a wave file attachment. It allows you to manage both your voice mail service and email accounts separately.*NOTE: Voice mail service will be fully functional and the new message waiting presentation light will continue to flash on your desk phone, unless messages are maintained or deleted by the user.

OCC – 1/2 Labor Voice $35.50

Voice Mail with Relay

Voice mail messages are sent directly to your email exchange account or Blackberry mobile device.  UMS stores your original voice mail message on the exchange server and not on your desk phone.  Therefore, a new message waiting presentation light will NOT flash on your desk phone.  UMS allows you to manage your voice mail messages along with your email messages through one familiar user interface-Microsoft Outlook.  Voice mail messages will be indicated by an attachment icon and noted in the subject line.  Listen to your message any time and in any order.  New tools and icons will be included to help you manage your voice mail messages using the Web Manager that can be accessible from any web browser.

For instructions on setting up your Unified Voice Messaging, Click here.

OCC – 1/2 Labor Voice $35.50